Zip Stitch Strips

Everyday people perform various heavy-duty tasks. You can accidentally cut yourself while using a knife or other sharp object. Whenever there is a big cut and bleeding, the stitch is people’s go-to option. The doctors generally use sutures, staples, etc. as a method of wound closure. But, a recent study says that these delay the healing process of the wound. That is why it is better to switch to Zip Stitch.

Zip Stitch strips

You can buy a pack having 10 strips or more from any e-commerce website of your choice. If your cut is not too deep and small in size, it is suggested to apply such strips on your skin. Let’s take a quick look at the interesting features of these strips.

  • These strips use polyester filament along with pressure-sensitive adhesive. This closure strip barely reacts with the skin of your body. 
  • These hypoallergenic strips ensure faster healing. Such strips lessen the amount of scarring on your skin.
  • The wound closure zip stitch strips reduce the chance of infection and skin irritation.

So, if you store such closure strips at your home, you won’t have to wait for a doctor to attend to your skin cut. Due to its fast application process, many prefer this strip to other closure methods. You can find these strips on your nearby medical store as well.

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