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Most of the people have habit of sleeping on their arm. Also, if you don’t have that habit then you cannot pull your hand when your girlfriend or beloved pet want to sleep in your arm. However, you all know that after a longer period of sleeping in this fashion, your arm starts paining or there may be numbness in your arm. This can be overcome by using Tunnel Pillow under your arm. It can be easily fitted in your arm, and moreover if you use memory foam tunnel pillow it shall be more effective.

Tunnel Pillow

Product description of Tunnel Pillow:

The ergonomic design of this tunnel pillow helps in relieving back and neck pain due to unusual position of arm during sleep. It comes in two arm tunnel having comfortable pad made of memory foam of appropriate thickness under which you can keep your arm comfortably, which also prevent your arm to be numbed. The support comes from internal ABS frame. Out of these two tunnels one falls down the middle and other in front. It helps you in adjusting your arm as you desire.

Unique features of Tunnel Pillow

It comes with several unique features.

  • Great Support– Internal ABS frame helps in getting substantial support, and softness comes from high-quality memory foam.
  • Ergonomic Design– It appropriately fit for cervical vertebrae, and therefore preventing from back pain, neck problem, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Softness– Memory foam provides great softness as well as makes this tunnel pillow to achieve the shape of your arm as per the pressure applied and the temperature of your arm. It has dual benefits for both who is keeping it around the arm and the one who is sleeping on this pillow over your arm.
  • Shape and Design– It comes in several shapes and design which you can buy for your personal use or you can gift it also to your couple friend.


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