Toilet paper robot

Toilet paper is considered the most important item in your bathroom. Forgetful people often forget to replace the empty tissue rolls with a new one.  As a result, when responding to nature’s call they suffer from the epic nightmare of running out of toilet paper. During that moment of crisis, people generally wish for some robot or technical device to read their minds and deliver them with an ample amount of toilet paper.

Toilet paper robot

To rescue people from this genuine problem, a company named Charmin has come up with an innovative solution. With the help of their talented engineers, they have designed the Rollbot which uses Bluetooth technology. This robot carries the toilet paper to the bathroom when asked by the user and comes back with the empty roll.

Let’s know about the features of this innovative Charmin Rollbot.

  • The device is red in color and it runs on two big wheels. It is a self-balancing moveable robot.
  • You can operate this Charmin Rollbot from your iPad, smartphone, and even laptop. 
  • This little device can carry one tissue roll at a time. It is pretty low in height; as a result, you don’t have to compromise with your bathroom privacy to let the robot deliver you the toilet paper.

If you are a tech enthusiast, you should definitely try your hand on such a device. Not just you, but your entire family can use this product. It will eliminate the awkward bathroom situations forever from your life.


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