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Are you interested in celestial events? Then you must have a telescope with great features and easy handling. You should know the details of Astro Fi Wi-Fi Connected Telescope. It is one of the products that have the support of
wi-fi and mobile. The kids can also get to know about the stars and sky more when you
Buy telescope for kids. 


Wi-Fi Connected Telescope

What is new?

The telescope has a lot of features and most of them are unique and new, like- 

  • The telescope for your space visit is completely wi-fi controlled so the use becomes easier.
  • You will immediately get the information on your screen what you are seeing in the sky as it is a Telescope connected with mobile. 
  • It works on both android and iPhone simultaneously. 
  • The images you get are high in resolution as well as in contrast. 
  • Your eyes are safe from the direct sun rays. The glass in the telescope has the protect ability feature. 
  • The aperture is quite large and allows a lot of light to enter making your viewing experience more surreal. 
  • You get an accessories tray and two eyepieces with the product when you telescope buy online.

Imagine watching Saturn and Jupiter with their belt from your room and this is what the product can do. Because this is the Best telescope for long distance. You will experience something exceptional from the celestial family every single time you look through it. Technological support will enhance your experience more. 

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