Tajima Helmet Cooling Fan

Tajima Helmet Cooling Fan Is Best To Fight Against Hot And Humid Summer

During the summer season, it is very difficult for those who work outside. Direct sun rays can affect you badly. Hence, if you buy the Tajima Cooling Fan, then you can prevent the uneasiness during summers. You stay cool and work more efficiently without any worries. So, buy the best Tajima Seiryo Cooling Helmet Fan that will save you from heatstroke. If it is compulsory for you to work outside, then this little gadget can help you a lot! The fan also has an adapter and an adjustable band.

Tajima Cooling Fan

Advantages of Using Tajima Cooling Fan

Seiryo helmet cooling fan is a practical solution that prevents the risk of heatstroke. And of course, the new model is much more compact than the previous ones as the new models have a fan unit with a rechargeable battery. You must buy the best Tajima Cooling Fan as it comes with several advantages.

They are light-weighted and also reduce the width and depth at your room.

At one click on the button, you feel the amazing air under the helmet as well as the neck area.

These fans are potentially great as a low-load efficiency item.


Unique Features of Tajima Cooling Fan:

Here are some of the unique features:

1- The straps are strong and adjustable.
2- The funnel is made up of silicon, and air passes through it evenly.
3- The fan blades are very strong and unbreakable.
4- The battery is made up of lithium-ion.
5- The weight of the entire helmet is 921 g.
6- It takes approximately 6 hours to charge the battery.
7- It can be operated for 8 hours at its full speed and 18 hours at its lowest mode.
8- It is very easy to operate and works at one click.
9- 100% safe.

The performance of the battery is also good. After charging, it works for eight hours at its normal speed. Hence, you can stay outside the entire day without thinking about the hot weather.


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