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Flying to work seems impossible and straight from your favorite sci-fi movie. But, with this new one-person drone from the Chinese company, EHang, your dream will become true. The Chinese tech giant unveiled the new EHang 184 one-person drone in the CES 2020, and it has a price between $200000 and $300000.

It is a single person drone, which is 4.9 ft tall and comes with 440 pounds. The drone can carry a maximum load of 322 pounds.

The EHang 184 is unique in many ways. It is powered by electricity can carry a passenger for 23 minutes of a single stretch level. Its average speed is 62 miles per hour and comes with the maximum flying altitude of 11000 feet.

EHang drone picture 5

It is like any simple drone and is very much user-friendly. The drone is controlled via a smartphone app. A rider needs to enter their destination and start point in that app, and the drone will automatically fly you to your destination.

According to the company, it is a quick charge drone and takes only two to four hours to get a complete charge. EHang is still working on its prototype and will release th model as soon as the development project and security checks are complete. The company aims to make it one of the first commercially available single people drone in throughout the world.

To address the pilot issues and monitor the drone, EHang plans to build multiple state-of-the-art low-altitude flight command center. The center will monitor all the flying drones and will also help the riders with any issues.

As per the founder Shang Wen Hsiao of EHang, the aircraft is fully safe and capable of ferrying passengers safely. He also adds that the drone will automatically return to land if there is any problem during the flight.

With this advanced flying drone, your dream of going to the office in an aircraft by flying will be true.


Checkout in pictures, How it looks:

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EHang drone 1

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