Samsung selfieType invisible keyboard

Experience great typing on your smartphone with Samsung SelfieType 

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Samsung is already an established electronics brand providing mobile phones, air-conditioning, and a lot of other electronic appliances. Recently, with collaboration with another start-up – the company has launched a smart keyboard for smartphones and laptops. This will help the users and provide them a seamless typing experience. The device works with artificial intelligence that collaborates with the camera of the smartphone and the face recognition process gets completed.

Samsung SelfieType

Why exceptional?

The product is already considered the Best invisible keyboard ever. The decision is backed by some of the exceptional features and the procedure behind the device. Let’s discuss in detail- 

  • The first point is you can use it on any flat surface. Whether it is kitchen surface, or table at office or college, food table at an airplane, and more and enjoy the seamless experience. 
  • The technology used in the process is quite advanced and you cannot deny the fact. Your experience of using a smartphone or tablet becomes two times easier with this keyboard. 
  • You can use it smartly on your vacations or short trips. It may seem tough to find out the keys as the keyboard is completely invisible. But for regular users, it is quite common and useful. 
  • It will gain more features as it is still in the laboratory of the manufacturers and will become more useful. 

The innovation is already creating sensations. You can prefer invisible keyboard buy online if you are happy and satisfied with the online shopping of gadgets. The keyboard can become a status quotient very soon.

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