Remote-controlled lifesaving float

Secure lives in water bodies with Remote-controlled lifesaving float

Remote-controlled lifesaving float

Survey reports show that maximum accidents in water bodies happen due to some unsafe recreational activities and while traveling through water bodies. To avoid such happenings, while in water, Remote-controlled lifesaving float is the only solution you have. The float is named U Safe and it works to save victims of mishap in water. The built in system helps it to navigate to the place and it can overcome extreme conditions in water like waves and reach the person who needs to be saved.

Remote Controlled Float

It reaches people drowning and the victim has got to hold on to it. The float runs back to the safe shore with the victim in such cases. The makers have made sure that the functioning is very easy to be handled by anyone in the high tide. 


  • The boat is a self-propelled mechanism and run by battery. 
  • The remote controls the electrical turbines that make the float sail through the water to the drowning person. 
  • The remote is to control and guide the float in the water to reach the affected and then take the person and come back again to the shore safely. 
  • The main power stays with the controller who watches the condition from far and manages the float as per requirement. 

This innovative creation has been tested multiple times to prove its worth in the time of need. It ensures the rescuer is safe too from drowning through automation.

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