Private Submarine – Deepflight Super Falcon 3s

Yacht is now old-fashioned – so why not get a personal two people submarine. The $1.5 million personal
submarines are the ultimate luxury. The manufacturing company Deepflight released this fifth-
generation submarine called Dragon for those who want to go for something else other than the yachts.
It is a user-friendly submarine, and anyone can repeat Dragon with minimal training, and there is no
need for any license.

It is perfect item if you want to look at the real reefs, marine life and explore the magical world under
the water with your loved one. It is operated by electricity. According to the claim of DeepFlight, one
single charge allows the submarine to run for five to eight hours. The powerful lithium battery is safe
and offers great service.

Private submarine in water

The device is worth a try for elite people. It can access the deepest routes under the sea without any
problems, so for adventurous people who want to delve deeper than scuba diving, Dragon is the best

Its biggest benefit is its simple mechanism and stylish look. The private submarine looks like a hot-wheels
model. It is easy to operate the submarine. Riders can easily maneuver it both vertically and horizontally
with just two joysticks. There is no need for a compass and any other gadgets.

Deepflight strictly controls the performance, and it has already completed 2000 dives with this
submarine. The company also assures that it is a positive buoyant submarine and has less chance of
drowning under the sea. In case of any malfunction, it will automatically return to the surface. It is
spacious and can accommodate two riders without causing any side comfort, A rider needs to train the engine, and the submarine will become drow automatically in the water. For returning above theater level, you need to decrease the thrust power of the engine. It is as simple as you can imagine.

So, if you have enough amounts and the need some kicks for adventure, you can consider buying this
wonderful personal submarine.

Checkout in Pictures, How it looks:

Pic 1
Private submarine


Pic 2
Private submarine deep sea


Pic 3
Private submarine in water


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