Prinker: Temporary Tattoo Printer

Many people dream of getting a tattoo in their lifetime. But, in most cases, they are afraid of needles and their skin health. For these people, Prinker has brought an innovative solution to get a temporary tattoo. The device uses safe and certified cosmetic ink and you can wash it off whenever you want – with soap. This device by Prinker comes with a companion app that stores various designs for you to choose from. Keep reading to know about the features of this tattoo printer.

Temporary tattoo printer

Are you an artist? Well, you can upload your own artwork in the app. Now, if you wish you can get a print of this artwork on your body in form of a tattoo.

It uses the basic technology of an inkjet printer.

You can even get a colored tattoo with the help of this device. You just have to buy coloring inks from your nearby stores.

All such temporary tattoos made by Prinker are water-proof. Such tattoos can last up to 3 days.

In a nutshell, the Prinker tattoo printer makes your dream of tattoo a reality without causing any harm to your skin. The prinker app originally comes with thousands of designs. You may find one design from those which will match your personality.

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