Small & Compact Metro Umbrella

Umbrellas are a must-have item in our wardrobe. Since we carry umbrellas regularly in day to day lives, therefore, it must go head to head with your daily style and comfort. Are you tired of typical disposal umbrellas? Yes, sometimes umbrellas can be very frustrating and during office time, you would not like to invest a single second in dealing with your umbrella. So, it is time to explore the all new Metro Umbrella, which comes in various sizes, shapes and traditional styles. Let us take a look at its uniqueness. 

Metro Umbrella
Product description of Metro Umbrella

The unique metro umbrella is a perfect to go with in every season. Be it summer, rainy or a windy day, these metro umbrellas can be your perfect partner. Poor quality and design umbrellas are susceptible to damage within few months. Thus, you must buy these metro umbrellas as they are designed with the most supreme material quality and the traditional designs are very elegant. 

Unique features of metro umbrella

  • Complete resistance from heat and wind- one of the unique feature of these umbrellas is the radial tensioning system. It is capable of defying heavy downpours and even strong winds up to 55 mph. It will keep you dry and warm, no matter what kind of weather you are dealing with. 
  • High-quality RIP fabric that is long-lasting- investing a sufficient amount in an umbrella is not worth if it does not last long. The metro umbrellas are designed from water-resistant pongee fabrics, which make your umbrella strong and new. Also, it dries up quickly and has a UV protective coating that protects your skin against harsh rays of the sun. 
  • Convenient and comfortable with elegant and classy touch- you get a variety of designs that are simple yet add a classy touch to your every day’s attire. You can carry them easily wherever you want.


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