Memory foam to protect astronauts

Who could have thought that the product which NASA produced for astronauts is going to revolutionize the life of a common person? There are ample inventions made by NASA (Memory Foam to protect astronauts) for space travel that are available in the commercial market for general purposes. One such product is memory foam. Today everyone who is concerned about their health while choosing a mattress gives priority to memory foam for better sleep.

Memory foam


Product Description of memory foam

Memory foam is made of viscoelastic material, which has excellent energy absorbing properties as well as soft. According to heat and pressure response, it molds to the body. After releasing the pressure, it regains its original shape, and in the meantime, it remembers your body shape and sleeping position. That’s the reason it is called memory foam. Memory foams come in a layer of foams with supporting springs or foam, which makes them excellent impact resistant. Properties associated with impact-proof service make memory foam excellent material to use in helmets also. It comes in three different types depending upon the basic material, which in any case is viscoelastic in nature. These types are traditional, Gel, and Open cell memory foam.

Unique Features of memory foam

Memory foam comes with several unique features that are mentioned below.

  • The nature of basic material is viscoelastic, which makes it energy absorbent i.e. impact resistant, and highly soft.
  • It uses the pressure and heat of your body to mild in your body shape and regain its original shape after releasing that pressure.
  • Pain reliever particularly, on pressure spots like arthritis.
  • It is hypoallergenic due to it’s solid, and dense structure, which minimizes the risk of development of allergens inside.



Memory foam, which was earlier used in the NASA plane, is now readily used by the mattress industry. As a mattress, the use of memory foam is new, but today is also used as making a cushion for a severely paralyzed person to avoid ulcers and many other problems.


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