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Buy Mad Gaze Watch and Control Your Digital Life in a Funny Way

Unlike the smartphone, smart watch still needs to cover milestones of the journey to becoming common gadgets among people. Till now smart watches are popular among crazy gadget lover only. Even some people find it as complicated to operate at its full features. But those days are depleting swiftly because of frequent progress and advancement in the technologies related to the such watch. How will you react when you have such a watch which can be controlled by your gesture? Isn’t it easy then? Buy Mad Gaze Watch which has features which can revolutionize smart watch from both usability and adaptability point of view. You can control your digital life simply by finger, hand, or wrist gesture.

Mad Gaze Watch

What’s New

Unlike ordinary or previous version smartwatch, Mad Gaze Watch comes with several unique features that can make your digital life easy. You don’t need to tap button or screen point or to use voice command, but you can just turn your wrist, or snap your different fingers, tap the back of your hand and you can do whatever you want like to control music player, camera, photo or video gallery, set timer and alarm, receive or reject call etc.

Unique Features

  • Gesture controlled- Through your arm, finger, wrist, or hand. Customize your favourite control and shortcuts, which can be enabled by these gestures.
  • 4G IOT enabled- Due to this it can be compatible with your 4G Network carriers. This feature makes this smartwatch for the long run.
  • Motion Tracking- With the help of the 6-axis sensor and an intelligent algorithm, you can turn or move your wrist for remote control.
  • Vibrant colours- Buy Mad Gaze Watches Online available in sixteen different vibrant colours. Now you don’t need to restrict your choice for boring two or three colours, you can wear colour based on your mood or occasion.

Apart from above, you can experience natural gaming adventure, and you can enjoy AR/VR game using gestures.


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