Lumi by Pampers

There is no better job than taking care of a kid. It has been seen that new parents often remain under stress when their baby sleeps in the next room. To put a stop to this worry, pampers has brought to them a baby monitoring device named Lumi. This exceptional device provides the parents the 180-degree view of the baby.

This way, they get to keep an eye on the baby and enjoy the little moments. Apart from the HD video monitor, the device also features a sensor. Parents can use their smartphone to access the Lumi app and to check on their infants. Let’s take a look at the following features of the device.

Lumi by Pampers

  • You can watch the live stream of your baby at night also. The Lumi app runs on both android and IOS.
  • It features 2-way audio. Due to this, you can hear your baby cry from a different place and you get to soothe your baby that time with your soft lullaby. 
  • This app lets you check the humidity, temperature, and airflow in the room where you keep your baby from a distant location. It is the sensor that feeds these data to the app.

This extraordinary device is pretty safe to use. The app doesn’t leak the privacy of your baby, it is totally encrypted. With the help of Lumi by pampers, you can even save some of the sleeping moments of your baby and if you wish you can later share that with your loved ones.

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