Kuryakyn Road Thunder Sound Bar Plus

Unique Features of Kuryakyn Road Thunder Sound Bar Plus is distortion-free handlebar-mounted speaker

When it comes to installing a speaker on your sports motorbike the first and major concern is about sound distortion due to the high speed of the bike. This problem arises with the cycle too, due to wind blowing in the opposite direction. The next thing is about the connectivity, most of the sound devices are not versatile, and they have very limited options to connect with your smartphone or other devices. If you are also facing these problems, then it’s time to check out this innovative gadget – the NextGen Cycling speakers, which gives you an amazing experience.


Thunder Sound Bar

What’s New? 

If you are looking for the best cycling speakers with distortion-free sound and having ample connectivity features, you must choose the Best online cycling speakers. 

  • Kuryakyn Sound Bar is a distortion free handlebar mounted speaker is the bests one.
  • It can easily be mounted on a handle without interfering with the basic function of the handle.
  • It has versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth, WiFi, and a USB port.
  • USB charging port makes this device easy to charge anywhere, and even with a power bank.
  • N42 grade magnets help in getting distortion-free sound at any volume level.
  • Another great feature of these devices is its weather resistant property, which is the most awaited and desirable property. Now you can even enjoy the rain while cycling.
  • Inbuilt heat sink and self-protection circuit against voltage surge.

Apart from technical, unique features, one and one-half handlebar make it fixing compact on the handle of the cycle. It also facilitates its mounting on the handle of the motorbike.

Volume Output

This device is so flawless that the output volume entirely depends upon the input source quality. This feature makes this device the Best Bluetooth speaker for cycling. If you are using the input device having a volume booster, you can get the ultimate level of volume Output. The best part is that you can search the volume booster from the play store also if your device supports it.


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