Ironman 3D Night Lamp Hologram

The Ironman 3D Holographic Night lamp can be an exciting collectible for any super hero fan. So if you are an Avenger fan why delay! This 3D Illusion Night Lamp adds an extra perfection with the household collections.

An amazing product which can be used as modern home decoration and also gifts for young ones/adults as birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts etc. for cheering them up who are truly superhero geek.

See the magic of 3D holographic illusion effect of the character Boomer with 7 different colors made of an acrylic panel with etched lines. Red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white are the 7 colors giving an innovative & artistic atmosphere within the room it is been kept over any center table or bedside table.

The product has a lifespan of 10,000 hours & the unique design ensures that the base won’t get heated up even after longer use. So, make your room more magical with this 3D ironman lamp.

Check out how its looks like:

Pic 1
Ironman 3D Night Lamp


Pic 2
Ironman Night Lamp


Pic 3
Ironman - Avenger Lamp


Pic 4

Ironman 3D Night Lamp Gadget


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