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Use the 5V HEATED SCARF to keep away the cold shivers

Here is something that will definitely amaze you! The 5V HEATED SCARF is here to keep you warm while you are out of doors in this winter. The super cozy and soft fleece is the actual material of the scarf and it keeps a constant temperature of 145F and embraces you or your loved ones with just the right temperature in the cold months. It has got charging facility and you need to plug it to the power bank and adjust the temperature you need. Isn’t it just superb – you can control the temperature you need too? So when you Buy Winter clothes online – you can select this heat system embedded scarf with the heating system set in the center of the scarf. 




Comfort levels to keep you warm

The 5 volt battery has 3 level of thermal comfort that you can choose from.  The high, medium and low levels will run for different time limits to keep the wearer warm accordingly.  This scarf is completely safe and is packed with VB530 5V battery of 3000mAH capacity and there is also the cable to be used for charging the whole system.  The Cotton scarfs for mens & womens is easy to wash as it can be washed in a machine with gentle cycle. 

How you should use

Now when you have this scarf – you would love to start using it immediately. You must first charge it up completely. Use the power banks with the kit for charging the scarf and charge the battery. Plug the cable to the USB plug that is there at the back of the neck. Now turn the scarf on by pressing the touch button on the 5V HEATED SCARF for about 3 seconds. When it is on, adjust the constant temperature that you would want from the scarf. So now this Black colored Unisex scarf must be the one Hot winter clothes that you would want to grab for. The water resistant material will help you use it – in rain or snow and you will feel its warmth for a long time to come.


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