FIXD Active Car Health Monitor

Leave Your Car Worries at Bay with The Best Car Tool

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Worrying about your car, and have no idea how to detect the issues? You can have the best solution. A car health monitor is a thing you need. You can add the 

Best car tool,  Best car gadget, Buy car gadget online, Car safety product device with your mobile, and whenever any issue shows up, the app will notify you immediately. FIXD APP is an app that will translate the language of your car into simple English, and this will allow you to fix different minor to major issues of your vehicle. This is also the Best car tool in this era.

Active Car Health Monitor

Why car health monitor is the ideal thing? 

FIXD OBD2 is the choice of the professionals, and it’s designed in the USA as a Car safety product. You will get unlimited access to over ten thousand DTCs. Along with the app, you can have a freeze frame, live diagnostic data, and you will get notifications for car maintenance. The code reader of FIXD is compact and light, and it stays out of sight when you drive. This is the reason it has become the Best car gadget

Features of FIXD OBD2: 

  • It shows you multiple PIDs such as a chart, graph, or gauge. 
  • You can Buy car gadget online and have the best price
  • You can get a car snapshot the moment the code is stored
  • You will get access to manufacturer provided service intervals

The powerful sensor of the tool is designed by professionals and the app comes with it. Also, FIXD OBD2 is compatible with gas-powered cars, and it works with any mobile system.

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