Ember Mug 2 Temperature-Controlled Cup

Its Keeps your coffee hot till the last drop

When it is cold outside and your soul wants something hot – your hand picks up the coffee pot and the mug to drink coffee from. Now this Electric cofee mug is such that – it keeps the temperature of your coffee constant! Yes it is possible and it’s the new innovation in the arena of coffee mugs.  The Ember Mug 2 Temperature-Controlled Cup is one such mug that will be there for you to buy for yourself or for your closed ones in this festive season. The Ember mug10 oz will keep your coffee hot for 1.5 hours and the one with 14 oz capacity will keep the coffee hot for about 80 minutes. 

Keep your coffee mug hot

Now you can leave your mug around and do some chores – but when you come back to take a sip, it will have the same warmth that you had felt when you prepared the coffee. Of course you can drink anything from this Hot cofee mug buy online and get the same warmth for the similar length of time with help of the in-built battery. It also has a coaster that will help in charging the battery – when it is low.  It is easy to clean too and you can use your hands with a soft sponge or else you can submerge the mug in water that is of 1 meter deep. 

Tech controlled mug

This Smart cofee mug has got a LED indicator that will show the perfect temperature and it has an auto sleep facility that will sense when to awake – when the hot liquid is poured in. The rest of the time it remains at sleep – when the mug is not in use. The stainless steel interior and the scratch resistant exterior would give it a perfect look. There are temperature levels that you can select when you have the Ember app and you can use it through your smart phone. So now you can drink your coffee completely hot and love it all the way till its last drop.

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Ember Mug

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Ember Mug 2

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Ember Mug 3

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Ember Mug 4


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