Electric Toothbrush – Y Brush

Y Brush Electric Toothbrush from French company Fasteesh is a revolutionary item on its own. This prototype auto cleaning electric toothbrush can offer you sparkling clean and pearl white teeth in only ten seconds. The company claimed in the CES 2020 that its prototype is now complete.

The super cleaning brush is unique in all ways. Unlike the other electric toothbrush, it has bristle at multiple angles. The premium nylon quality bristles are soft yet practical. The bristles can reach any nook and also cleans your teeth and the gum with efficiency.

With its powerful motor, the brush spins faster, and it cleans everything more quickly. To clean, you just need to place the brush tray in your mouth and turn it on by pressing the power button. The brush will clean your teeth and the tip section of your mouth in just seconds. So, no more waiting – even for two minutes, to clean your mouth with a manual brush. The Y Brush electric toothbrush will clean everything in only ten seconds.

FasteesH has released the innovative Y Brush in April for the price tag of $125.

Checkout In Pictures, How its works:

Pic 1
Y Brush


Pic 2
Y Brush electric toothbrush


Pic 3
Y Brush Gadget


Pic 4
Electric Toothbrush


Pic 5
Y Brush Photo


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