DnaNudge Band

DnaNudge: wearable that tells you what you should and shouldn’t eat based on a DNA

Are you familiar with the term “Nutrigenomic”? If you aren’t, the nutrigenomic is the process of analyzing your genetic structure to recommend you the proper nutritive food to steer clear of the chronic genetic diseases related to nutrition. These days there are many DNA testing agencies in the world, which are working tirelessly to come up with an innovative technical solution to help people with their diet. DnaNudge is such a British company that designed the DNA band. This gadget helps the user in food and grocery shopping.

Features of DNA band

  • The DNA testing agencies link the DNA wrist band with a well-developed app. 
  • The DNA scanning app checks the CPG of the products on your hand and feeds the information to the app.
  • Finally, after proper analysis, the app tells you whether the food is good for your DNA or not.

The companies responsible for the development of such devices generally recruit highly talented biomedical engineers with proper knowledge in this field. The DNA band comes in multiple colors with an additional USB charger, DNA capsule, etc. These soft-touch adjustable bands provide accurate nutrition test results in most cases. So, if you think there is a chance for you to improve your health with nutrition management, please go for this gadget. You won’t regret it.

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