Cotodama Lyric Speaker

Cotodama Lyric Speaker For Great Lyric Appeal Along With Music

Stress is a part of life that can be drifted by listening to soft music. To refresh your mood, your favorite records are the only thing that you need. The Cotodama Lyric Speaker is the one which you must get for yourself as it gives great value to your home interior. The first step is to connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi, and then the speaker should be connected to the Wi-Fi through the device, now play music from the device.

Cotodama Lyric Speaker


Cotodama Lyrics Speaker Is a Real-Time Innovation

If you want your child to become the future voice kids and a playback singer, then this Cotodama Lyric Speaker is perfect. The motion graphics lyrics appear on the front board and the superb sound of the music echoes from the board. The front screen of the speaker displays the lyrics of the song you are playing. So, in that case, your child can learn the lyrics of the songs easily and rehearse as many times as they want. You must be thinking, ‘’what an innovation’’. Therefore, help your child to become the future pop singer.


Unique Features

Here are some of the unique features:

1- It is portable. You can carry it anywhere without any hassle.
2- The lyrics of the song are played in motion graphics, which is inbuilt in the device itself.
3- You experience unprecedented music technology.
4- It can be easily connected to your smartphone or any other device.
5- The sound of the Cotodama Lyric Speaker echoes beautifully in your room.
6- You get assurance in its quality both in sound as well as life.
7- It is easily available in online stores.

The Lyric Speaker is the first gadget in the world that has Lyric Sync Technology. So, for all the music lovers out there, it’s worth buying.

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