Charmin SmellSense

Have you ever faced the awkwardness of entering into a bathroom when someone else is already there? It can happen to anyone. To bid goodbye to this problem forever an American company named Charmin came up with a few solutions. They have invented smell sense. This device includes a sensor that measures the amount of Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen sulfide in the air nearby your bathroom. If it is above a certain level, the Charmin SmellSense declares the bathroom is occupied. The sensor sends such data to an app.

Charmin SmellSense

Key features

  • This electronic bathroom smell sensor is sometimes attached to a monkey robot. When the device is near the door of your bathroom it will start calculating the result. 
  • The notification about whether to enter the bathroom or not comes in your smartphone or other electronic devices where you install the Charmin app.
  • This two in one Charmin smell sense doesn’t need to enter the bathroom even to provide the customers with an accurate solution. This way the device provides ultimate privacy to the loo user.

If you want a perfect toilet experience every morning, you should purchase this device for your home. This will save you from embarrassment and also will keep you in a good mood all through the day.

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