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WalkingPad by Xiaomi Kingsmith helping people in today’s life to walk or run to keep themselves fit. In this busy schedule of life, people try their best to save time for exercise and other activities for their fitness. But walking and running is supposed to be the best idea behind achieving this goal. However, saving time is still the main issue.

Trade mill is also not sufficient to maintain regular walk or run as it is fixed at some position and therefore you need to reach at that point for which sufficient time is needed. In this situation, the walking pad becomes the lifesaver for people who have scarcity of time. Kingsmith WalkingPad is the perfect alternative for those people. You can use it anywhere, be in your office or home. Also you can not only walk but can run also on this running pad.



Product description of portable walking pad

This portable walking pad is made of the special material called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This walking pad can fold easily. It comes in length around 56 inches, width around 21 inches, and thickness of 0.5 inches. After folding, the length of this walking pad comes around 32 inches which you can easily carry in your car or bike. Also, the weight of this walking pad is nearly 60 lbs. You can slide it under your bed or table with the help of two rollers fitted on the base.

Unique features of walking pad:

It comes with amazing unique features as mentioned below.

  • Foldable– You can easily fold it in half.
  • Both manual and auto operation mode– In manual mode you can put it on or off, accelerate or decelerate with the help of remote. In auto mode, this function can be done by your feet movement.
  •  It has remote sensor which is helpful in controlling the walking pad in high, medium or low velocity zone with the help of your footsteps.


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