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1- Smart Phone Sanitizer

Your smartphone can be filled with germs and viruses as you touch your phone regularly and keep them in a warm and dark place like your pocket or wallet. For adequate covid safety, a mobile sanitizer is essential. Phone Soap is one of the best mobile sanitizer gadgets that you choose. It comes with three UV-C lights that can easily sanitize mobile and kill nearly 99.9% germs. It also comes with a USB port and one Type-C port for charging. Now you can be safe with their unique gadget.

Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphone Sanitizer Inside View

Smartphone Sanitizer Dimension

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2- Jetsetter digital luggage weigher

It is a perfect accessory for any frequent traveler. It is an ideal luggage weigher.  With this gadget, you can check the weight of your luggage. It is a very lightweight machine and compact also. Som you can easily carry it anywhere you go. With this latest jetsetter Digital Luggage Weigher, you will never have to pay extra for luggage during your journey.

Luggage weigher

Luggage weigher in bag

Luggage weigher side look

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3- Anker Solar Charging panels

For anyone who loves to go on trekking, camping, or hiking, the Anker solar charger panel is a great gadget. With this lightweight solar panel, you can easily charge your mobiles and other devices on the go. You just have to take it along with your traveling backpack and attach it to the bag. The trekking charger panel is flexible and easy to handle. It offers excellent service despite being a  cheap solar panel.  Hence you can now be connected to people even if you are travelling or hiking.

Solar Charging panels

Solar Charging panels 1

Solar Charging panels Trekking View

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4- Life straw

The life straw is a sure life saver for anyone who frequently goes on camping or trekking and even hoking. It is also a great choice as an emergency trekking gear.  The portable filter is tiny and does not take a lot of space. It does not require any battery or power and can filter particles up to 0.2 microns. The small cleaning water gadget can filter 1000 liter of water and remove bacteria, germs, iodine, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals.


Life Straw

Life Straw Size

Life Straw Water Purifier

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5- Adjustable phone stand

Keep your phone secured on the desk with this unique mobile stand. It is adjustable and is excellent for watching movies, video calling people, and also for charging. You can use it as a mobile office stand or as a home stand. The stand is fully adjustable and is made of durable black aluminum alloy. It looks great and comes with shiny and smooth edges. Moreover, it supports the iphone and also works great as an android phone stand.


Phone Stand Gadget

Phone Stand Gadget Single View

Phone Stand Gadget Side View

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It may appear as a vintage gaming console, but the Panic playdate handheld gaming device is more than a regular gaming device.  It is a modern gaming console that is great for anyone who loves to play on the go. The small gaming device comes with a Wi-Fi facility and directly downloads games from the internet. You can download many exciting and exciting games like Katamari Damacy, Forstwatch, etc. in this best gaming gadget.  So, play on the go without any problem from now on.



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The Snap Spectacles from the makers of the popular app Snapchat is one of the best next-generation sunglasses for any gadget lover. It is the third iteration of their range of smart sunglasses, and the model is worth buying. It is a stylish camera sunglass that comes with a unique HD camera that can take 3D images. It is a  lightweight sunglass that comes with a modern stainless frame. You also get leather care to store the Snap Spectacles with safety.




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