Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

A good massage chair is all you need to relax after a hectic work schedule. But, there is not enough massage chairs that can offer you comfort. Infinity IT-8500 massage chair is the best option that you can consider. It comes with a price of $6499. It is one of the best massage chairs that you can get in the market.

IT-8500 has the best and one of the largest roller tracks. Hence, it can cup the head of the person and provides one of the best crown massagers. The crown massage will help you to relax and relieve all your stress in an instant. Moreover, the chair can also lift your leg above your upper body in an inverted position. It ensures the blood circulation of your body is improved and increases blood flow in the lower region. The chair has two zero gravity position that you can use,You get comfortable upholstery that does not cause you any discomfort. The extra cushion is also helpful and offers proper vibration and massage. Moreover, it-8500 is able to perform a full-body stretch, and the airbags comfortably support your shoulders and legs as it reclines. So, you get to soothe your muscles after a tiring day of work.

Infinity IT-8500

Furthermore, IT-8500 also comes with a USB port where you can plug-in your favorite music and listen while the chair offers you a fulfilling message. It also uses the spinal correction facility to stretch and decompress your spine. This gives relief from back and lumbar pain and also keeps your posture anatomically correct.

Before you start the message you can opt for the lumber heat festive to loosen up a little. It-8500 has heat modules in its back portion, which offers a soothing feeling and prepares your body. If you want to get a soothing and effective massage after the day ends, you can buy this IT-8500 from infinity without any problem.

Checkout in pictures, how it look:

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Infinity IT-8500


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Infinity IT-8500


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Infinity IT-8500


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Infinity IT-8500


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