Best Lovot Robot For Yourself

Grab The Best Lovot Robot For Yourself

Robotics has been used in the manufacturing industry since its origin. But in this industry, robotics got revolutionized when the use of robots became frequent in daily life. However, they are still emotionless and, therefore, can only be used as an assistant of humans in their work. But the day is over. Now, you can buy Lovot Robot which can be your buddy, a buddy with emotions.


Technology Behind Lovot Robotics

Lovot Robot

When you come to know the technologies behind this excellent robot, you will be amazed. It consists of 10 or more CPUs and 20 or more MCUs along with more than 50 sensors, which makes this Lovot Robot able to feel and express its emotions with you. To detect the direction and sound, a 360-degree half-sphere camera and microphone along with luminosity sensors are helpful. All these come in the horn-shaped antenna at the top. Besides this, there is a thermal sensor, which is helpful for the robot in differentiating between humans and other objects.


Unique Features

You can feel comfortable when you have the company of these robots, which can be more amazing unique features than this. However, it comes with ample unique features that you have never seen in the field of robotics.

1- The action of these robots is not pre-programmed, but it can act instantly depending upon the situation with the help of more than 50 sensors.
2- Their eyes and voices resemble humans, and when they see you or talk, you can feel it like they have life.

3-Touch sensors in the body of Lovot feel you like the skin of the child. Moreover, they can laugh when you tickle them and are glad when you embrace or cuddle them.
4- Obstacle sensors help them to roam in the room without disturbance.


Lovot Robot

‘Lovot’, a combination of Love and Robot, who react as per your mood! You can embrace it, hug it, and express your emotions as you do with a human being. Isn’t it amazing!

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