Azuma Hikari – Your Live Personal Robot

Share Your Deep Secrets With Your Favourite Character

The best buy Gatebox technology has been developed by researchers who have excellent knowledge in the digital world. Now you know that the time has come to start thinking of a home robot. The Gatebox will gift you the practice of using a robot by the projected character that can be seen inside a glass container as a 3D figure.

This figure that you have shall converse with you with ease. You now have a digitized friend that can even do simple jobs like putting off the lights that are connected to the home network. This one is created by Japanese and the character has got a name – Azuma Hikari personal robot. She has got 2 voices and distinct characteristics. She has got her selection of hobbies, a dream and specific likes and dislikes too. So now you have your hands full with a live character that can give you company in the real world.


Gatebox - Azuma Hikari


Feel the latest entrant of 2020

Nothing can beat the virtual assistant like Gatebox, as the reviews and recommendations for this gadget is simply marvelous. You can interact with the character Azuma Hikari through your voice chat and she shall be looking at you while speaking. The camera at the top of the glass container helps her to complete the interactions with perfection.


Unique Features of Azuma Hikari

Here are some of the unique features:

1- Wakes you up in the morning and gives you important reminders.
2- Various sensors have been inbuilt in this gadget.
3- You can create your character with the help of modern technology.
4- The Gatebox consists of seven languages, which are Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Russian and other interfaces.

You can even keep on chatting with your favorite character when you are away from home. This is done when you install the Gatebox app to your Android or iOS enabled phone. So now – you have a gadget that will take off your boredom and will become your companion in your lonely days.


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