Anti Theft Monitoring Alarm

Anti-Theft Monitoring Alarm Alerts You About Theft

We do invest a sufficient amount to buy expensive devices like computer, laptops and tabs. So, how do you know if someone is watching over your items and waiting for an opportunity to steal them from you? You must stay cautious, and to avoid such circumstances, you must buy the best Trene Anti Theft Monitoring Alarm, which will make you alert about the theft.

Monitoring Alarm Advantage

The Trene Anti-Theft Monitoring Alarm is an ideal gadget for those who works and spend most of the time out from their office. Just place this anti-theft monitoring alarm where you want your things to be safe. And if one gets displaced, the Trene Anti Theft Monitoring Alarm detects the movement, and the alarm system makes a sound.

Anti Theft Monitoring Alarm

This smart device monitors your belongings as you leave them without much attendance. When there is any type of movement near your important documents or other containers that are left unattended – the light of the gadget turns red and starts the sound alarm too. Connect your smart phone with this smart monitoring alarm and the 18 gram monitoring device will stop the sound as soon as it detects your phone near it.


Unique Features of Anti Theft Monitoring Alarm:

Here are some of the unique features:

1- It is an ideal application for monitoring expensive equipment like computers and other valuables things.
2- Requires a Japanese app to operate with the help of your smartphone.
3- It also has a Bluetooth system of 4.1.
4- It appears in a very compact design. The measurement of its size is 40 × 29 mm.
5- It works for approximately 20 hours.
6- You need to charge it for approximately 2 hours.
7- It can be operated by IOS 10 and Android 6.0

The sound quality is made along with the ring light on its top. It is an intuitive product that is very much convenient to handle due to its small size.


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