An All-Terrain Vehicle – Water & Land Vehicle

Are you a fan of seeing Ninjas walking on water in movies and animation? Then you can get the taste of walking in the water with this unique vehicle from Salesforce. The vehicle is an all-terrain vehicle that has a price tag of a whopping $50,000. According to the sources, the CEO of this company Marc Benioff has his only submarine in his estate.

According to the manufacturers, the advanced all-terrain vehicle Quadski XL is a true gem. It is an “amphibious vehicle”. That means the vehicle is operational on both water and the land. It is effortlessly transformed into a four-wheeler on land and watercraft on the water within five seconds. The Quadski XL comes with an advanced suspension system that allows it to become a water vehicle within a second. It can travel at the speed of 45 miles per hour on both water and land.

Quadski XL Vechile

The vehicle is not just for show. It is a fully functional amphibious vehicle that you can buy.

It comes with a strong and reliable K310 BMW engine that is lightweight yet fast and offers enough power to function the vehicle. Its retractable suspension allows it to become a wheels-up personal water vehicle. It is made of premium quality aluminum that allows the suspension to make the transition smooth and seamless.

The device has a composite and functional hull with proper lateral stability, and planning surfaced on the water. Hence, the device remains buoyant on the water without any problem. Moreover, the low center of gravity allows the rider to have a safe ride on the water. Quadski XL also features a jet drive and become your personal water ski jet. It is a compact and one of the best personal watercraft you can buy in the market.

But, as you can understand, Quadski XL is not just a personal vehicle. It is a true all-terrain vehicle which can offer you a great experience in both land and water. If you are an adventurous person from the core of your heart, buy Quadski XL and have fun on any terrain.

Checkout in Images, How it works:

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Quadski XL Picture


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Quadski XL View


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Quadski XL Pic


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