Professional Range Laser Distance Meter (Blue)

Here are the facts about Bosch GLM 500-2 Plastic Professional Color Display 50M Range Laser Distance Meter (Blue) 

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Measuring the distance of an object, surface, and others along with other features like weight, height, and more are common. Technological advancement has made this kind of work easier with the latest innovations like distance meters. This Laser Distance Meter (Blue) is one such product. With the guarantee from the renowned brand, the product also has other features that make the product a winner as a Technical tool for distance measurement


Range Laser Distance Meter

Special features 

Some of the features you will get when you Buy laser distance meter, are- 

  • The distance meter has a range from 0-50 meters and the sensor can be tilted up to 360 degrees in four sections. 
  • The brand royalty is supported with an ISI certificate and a protection class namely IP54. 
  • The meter works with battery power and allows to measure 10K measurements at a stretch. 
  • The meter also has a memory of saving the record of the last 20 measurements. 
  • The product is an all-in-one as you can measure accuracy and inclination with the same product. 
  • The meter is easy to handle and the colorful digital is screen large enough so that you can see the digits accurately. 

It is the Latest meter buy online with lots of potentialities. The manufacturer offers lots of features within the product so that the users get the options easily without much trouble. The experience with the product is assured to be seamless and convenient as well as accurate. 


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